My Story

Considering there is zilch in the way of cuteness for boys in the stores, I had made a few bow ties for my 3 boys for various parties and get togethers. Easter of 2013 was the first time my boys wore the bow ties I made for them. They loved them, other people loved them, and I was told I should start selling the bow ties. I mulled the idea over, and thanks to social media, I had gotten a few requests for orders. 3 Dapper Darlings was born at the end of November 2013.


Since then, I’ve added bow tie necklaces, suspenders, custom orders, and a few puppy puppy dog bow ties. I enjoy coming up with new ideas, and requests are always welcome.


A little peek into my personal life, my name is Addie and I have 3 fun-loving, energetic boys, and a lovablely funny husband. In my “free” time, I like to be crafty, pretend to know how to cook, hang out with family and friends, and try to learn new things.





I hope to bring you updates about my small business, throw some fun kid-friendly (or just plain interesting) ideas your way, and share some funny stories with you. I’m happy to meet you and I’m glad you’re here!

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