Painting Acorns

We have a giant acorn tree in the backyard. When you walk out onto the deck it’s covered in leaves and acorns, regardless of when you swept last. Today, we are putting those acorns to good use. Granted, you don’t want to take too many acorns, they are food for critters, so use nature’s bounty wisely. We only needed enough to make a cute fall centerpiece.

Choose your acorns, “hats” on (as I like to call the tops), and no visible holes. I left them in a bowl for a couple days, merely because it was an ongoing project. When we would go in the backyard, we would grab a handful. Then you want to rinse them. You can look up more information on cleaning and de-insecting your acorns, this is just a rundown on how we did it. After rinsing, I laid down some aluminum foil on a large pan, heated the oven to 200 degrees, and popped them in for a few (2-4) hours. I was waiting for a nice cool day to this, as the oven will warm the house quite a bit. After they cooled from the oven, I could see the acorns were still fairly dirty. I took a couple wet wipes and wiped them down, I re-wet the wipes with water, as needed. I also did this while watching a movie. It’s boring and time consuming.

Now the fun part! What to do with the acorns? I had long had a thought of painting them metallic colors. Target had just what I needed. By the way, anyone else really enjoying Target’s expanding craft area? I picked up a super cute packaged combo of gold, silver, rose gold, and bronze. Perfect!





The kiddos got to paint the acorns. I painted a couple, because painting is fun, but I mostly let them play around. Some being more meticulous than others, but to each their own style. They turned out beautiful, if I do say so myself! And they look lovely as some fall decor.

Also, my husband made fun of me for baking the acorns, but I’ll have you know, my sister-in-law picked up some acorns from our backyard, and she discovered an icky bug crawling out of one of her acorns! So, do yourself a favor, bake those acorns if you’re using them for decoration!

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