Summertime Library

This is our first summer at home. No work, no school, just me and the boys. Oh, and rain. It has rained a ton this summer. When it’s not raining, we make the most of it. But I was quickly running out of ideas very early on in te summer for rainy day activities. Light bulb (in my Gru voice). The library! Our public library has saved me on many an occasion this summer. Not only when it’s raining, but also when it’s hot and sticky outside.

The middler got his very own library card this summer. The boys have checked out books, movies, CDs, books on tape, and we have enjoyed lots of activities. We pretended being superheroes and fine tuning our superhero skills, as well as making our own cape and meeting new superhero friends.

The middler chose his own name: Thermal Strike. I was impressed.
The middler chose his own name: Thermal Strike. I was impressed.

We also enjoyed the musical stylings of Babaloo. Think Raffi meets They Might Be Giants meets *insert cheesy comedian* meets fart jokes. The boys were into him, but the over an hour long, overly hot, overly crowded room had them done just before the hour mark. But it was a good time.

Most recently, we went for an Underpants themed activity hour. Who knew there were so many books about underpants? For a mom who is getting a little impatient for her youngest to finally ditch the diapers, I was hoping this would help. The librarian read several books with some fingerplays and flannel stories involving the kiddos, and some music dancing in between. It ended with an art activity, and the littles loved it! We also scored a huge bonus, as I was looking through the children CDs, I found the Frozen soundtrack! The boys’ faces when I put it on in the car was magical.

They even have fun stuff for the oldest, he is slow to warm up to the library idea, he does gather books every now and again, but I think he thinks of it more like school than as a fun outing. But they have a fruit ninja tournament and a minecraft hour, which sounds awesome, I think he just needs a buddy to go with.

Have you visited your local library this summer?

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