My Pick Choice for an Art Gift for Kiddos

I’ve worked many a year in early childhood, and I hope to eventually go back to this job, as I love working with young children. One of my favorite activities was to get the paint dobbers out. If you don’t know what these are, let me just tell you, this is an easy, on-a-whim art activity. Dobbers, paper, bam. Let the ideas run. You can dot, you can paint, or a mixture of both. I could do this with the kids all day. For some reason, I never bought any for my own kids until this past Christmas. This is what I picked out:
We love them! All 3 boys enjoy them. We recently had my nephew and niece (total age range of kiddos from 2 years to 11 years old) over and we all sat around the kitchen table creating our masterpieces.

I find coloring pretty soothing, there’s something relaxing about coloring your own picture or a coloring book. I find the dobbers even more soothing and relaxing. Something about making those dots on the paper to create your own dot art, or pointillism picture (my favorite art project in high school). And it is super easy to pull out when I need some quiet time or to keep them in one spot while I get lunch together.


Young children will enjoy dotting their picture, using hard and soft movements (mostly hard – it’s fun to watch the paint splatter). Finding out that the dobbers can also be used to create streaks opens up a whole new art form. The middler enjoys using a mix of dots and streaks. I love the look.


These particular dobbers say they are washable. It takes a few washes to get it off their hands (or lips, arms, cheeks, necks), and a few swipes of the cleaning wipes to get it off the table, but it does come off. The reviews state it easily comes out of clothes. I haven’t checked our last load of laundry, but we also didn’t get much on our clothes. Mostly our fingers got painted, or if you’re the youngest, his lips. (Also non-toxic but I encourage them not to eat it anyway. 😉 )

So if you’re looking for some fun, or a present for some kiddos, I highly recommend some paint dobbers!

*I am in no way being paid for this, I just really, really love these dobbers.

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