2014: Year of the suspenders

2014 was the year of suspenders for 3 Dapper Darlings. The suspender and bow tie set is definitely my biggest seller. And coral must’ve been the color of the year because people wanted all sorts of hues and patterns of it. I’m so happy to be here, and my first official year is under my belt! I’m excited to look forward to 2015 and hope to have more to showcase in my virtual store front, but first, 3 of my favorite things from 2014.

It all started with this beauty for a coworker who was getting married. The bride wanted a bow tie and suspenders for her ring bearer. And I got to make a bow tie for the stuffed bear too. Adorable.


And then this navy blue and coral whale print. Absolutely adorable. Also for a ring bearer, it is a popular accessory for those dapper darlings in weddings.



Finally, it was these prints that really make me smile. My boys at Easter. Mis-matched suspenders and bow tie sets. A coral and navy blue combination and then the teal and blue combination. Sailboats and whales, patterns are such a fun way to bring in some personality into your clothing and accessories.


To help me show you what I’ve been working on, to bring you ideas for your own families, and a little window into my life, I will be bringing you a 3 Dapper Darlings blog. I can’t thank you all enough for joining me on this ride. Much love to you and yours!

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